T.I. Comes For ME via Instagram, Here’s the FACTS

During my show, #ItsBrittShow on 93.9 WKYS in DC. I have a segment called Tonight’s Tea With Britt where I let my listners call in and tell me about their night. I had a caller tell me she attended T.I.’s show at The Howard Theatre and she saw one of his hypemen on stage have a seizure which canceled the performance. LISTEN FOR YOURSELF:

SO I guess T.I. disagree with this girl’s “tea” and decided to clapback via my instagram

ti mess 2

ti mess

Blogs and T.I. fans of course attacked my character and credibility, butΒ I stand by my decision. I let my listners tell their own personal experiences and who am I to correct their opinions? I do not take crticism about how to do my job, by people that want my job and have never been in this business a day in their life. I will continue to support T.I. and his family as I have always done, but I do believe he needs to channel his anger elsewhere. I am new to radio and learning every day by working with Russ Parr, this is just another lesson.Β And to my listeners who tell their “tea” I ALWAYS got your back.

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