Dear Supporters I’m Growing up: New Social Media Handle


I just celebrated another birthday. I cannot be more thankful for the things I’ve accomplished and excited for what is to come at this point in my life. As I get older I’ve realized I have been building a brand without even knowing it. I never imagined the Twitter name I selected at age 17 would be my radio moniker years later. I now want my name to reflect me and who I am today. A LOT has changed since the 17 year old Britt who chose a random seemingly conceited and juvenile twitter handle because it rhymed and was catchy. I am a woman now and would like to continue to be taken seriously in the world of broadcasting as I expand within it. It may seem boring, but this is me. The name my family calls me and the name that makes me feel proud when said out loud. You guessed it.. @ItsBrittWaters .

Figured I’d do it now while I’m a Z-list celebrity because I plan to climb up the alphabet and be big time like Oprah one day. I hope you continue to support and follow my journey. My supporters truly keep me going on the days I want to give up and take a life long “Eat, Pray Love” trip until my savings runs out then be homeless. Thank YOU.

Follow me on Twitter      Instagram     and      Youtube     *Proverbs 31:25*

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