To The White House We Go! Another Rally NO DAPL

WE ARE THE PEOPLE. YOU CAN’T IGNORE US. WE WILL NOT LET YOU BUILD THIS PIPELINE. I joined more than one thousand revolutionaries as we marched on the White House to demand President Obama’s support in stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline. Former presidential nominee Bernie Sanders and Hip-Hop Caucus’ Rev. Yearwood lead us in “One of the most courageous stands against a fossil fuel project this country has ever seen.” We stand with Standing Rock Sioux. Our Revolution doesn’t end with the presidential election. Fight on! I marched side by side with indigenous people and also had an amazing conversation with Rev afterwards and I’m more inspired than ever to create a world that supports the next generation. I want to help protect history, climate and anything else to better not only this country, but the world. I know I sound like a graduation speech, but I’m just being honest. @itsBrittWaters

BTW: So hype I was close enough to Bernie I could touch him YES could actually FEEL the BERN.

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