New Job, New Beginnings!

I used to pray for times like this…

It’s official, I have joined CBS Radio DC hosting nights Mon-Fri 7p-12a on 94.7 Fresh FM starting Oct. 5th. After being on morning shows, doing weekends, overnights, producing and so many other things I finally have my own slot in the nation’s capital. God turned this year around for me and blessed me with an opportunity I have been praying for. Thank you so much for your love. I wouldn’t have been anything in this city without all of my supporters, friends and of course my family back in Jersey. I hope you journey with me on this next step and join the fun every night by tuning in while your driving, getting ready, going to work or even going to bed. If you’re into great music, giveaways, games gossip and my goofy self you won’t want to miss out. Russ Parr prepared me for this moment and I’m determined to make him proud. I’m super excited to work with such talented and kind individuals on the Fresh Fam and be a part of something GREAT and make it even GREATER.

Keep in touch with me on social media @itsBrittWaters

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  1. Congratulations! I was wondering if you were just on vacation or something after noticing that I wasn’t hearing the “ratchet report” in the mornings with Lil Mo and DJ Quick Silva! This is awesome! Blessings to you and your success!

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