Halloween 2016: The Cultural Appropriation Police


Just when you’re having fun, here comes the internet! This Halloween one of my many costumes was the Disney princess, Pocahontas. I chose her for many reasons. If you follow my social media and blog you may have seen my vlog protesting in front of the White House with many indigenous people or spreading awareness about the #NoDAPL movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock. So I’m surprised people were so quick to accuse me of disrespecting the culture.

The Disney movie, Pocahontas and all it’s inaccuracies is never-the-less one of the most  popular depictions of Native Americans for children in America. I recently watched the film (Yes I work nights and spend my days watching kid movies, don’t judge) and realized just how much the “Colors of The Wind,”song in the film still holds so much meaning today. I wanted to bring attention to that with my costume. I wanted to represent Pocahontas and her song and it’s powerful message. I wanted to dress up and be a Disney Princess with long hair extensions, makeup and short skirt. So please let me live.

For those that choose to police my page with insults, random facts and insults arguing that my Halloween costume conflicts with my political views, the lyrics below are the reason I chose to represent the Disney princess that sang them. I purposely did not wear a tribal head piece or cultural face paint. I dressed as a Disney Princess with a little sass because that’s what girls do on Halloween.

Love me or Hate me on social media @itsBrittWaters 


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