A Millennial “Berniecrat’s” View on President Trump

America is somehow in shock and dismay at the announcement of our next president, a businessman with zero political or military experience, with radical ideas and hate speech toward women, people of color, disabled, immigrants, even those in his own party etc. along with a vice president who things gays can be “cured” with conversion therapy; As opposed to electing the first female POTUS. In my life time I saw the election of the first African-American President of the United States followed by the election of a candidate endorsed by the KKK. Believe it or not I am unexpectedly calm. Not only because my help comes, not from man, but from God, also because this outcome reflects the truth about America. The land of the “free” is free to be sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and stupid as hell.
To Hillary supporters, I understand the hurt you are feeling. I had that same pain when the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, who at the time polled way better against Trump than Clinton did. Nevertheless, I picked myself up and voted for the woman I thought could stop Trump. I was not Bernie or Bust and I did not run to a random third party (which by the way third parties did not give us this outcome). I’m also not laughing today chanting, “Cheaters never win.” I don’t think anyone with progressive ideas won this battle. People can blame the FBI, Russia, Wiki Leaks, electoral college, Bill Clinton or those that wrote in a dead gorilla’s name (RIP Harambe). They can even blame their “friends,” that until today, you didn’t even know were racists. Despite all that jazz, Donald J. Trump will still be our next president, the kids crying over this will be on to writing their Christmas lists and rapper J. Cole still went platinum with no features.
Okay now I’m rambling.. my whole intent is to tell people to STAY FOCUSED. I do NOT mean social media focused, protesting in the rain to get a good selfie focused, or even wearing a T-shirt focused. I mean really focused. At this point we have to unite, be each other’s keepers and not let us forget and abandon everything we believed prior to November 9th 2016. Yes, our votes matter, but what we do in between elections matters too. Fear, denial and disbelief can all be very crippling in a time that we all need to be stronger than ever. Pick yourself up life will go on. Today read your Bible, your Quran, your Tripitaka, call your mom or your bestie from back home, do your meditations, yoga or your line dance (and listen to my radio show 7p on 94.7 Fresh FM in DC). Get yourself right so you can care for others because going forward we are our brothers and sisters’ keepers. In all I’m not shaken. You shouldn’t be either. “Move confidently in the direct of your dreams” and don’t let a reality star with a bad tan and thin hair get in your way.

Sidenote: At least you didn’t come to this country and live the good life of a former porn star that married a rich man and you now have to downgrade your house, get bullied and actually do a lot of work because your rich man wanted to be president. Poor Melania.

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