Songs, Shouts and Sold Out Crowds

If you’re famstage1iliar with my career you know concerts, award shows, parties and celebrities are pretty regular parts of my life, but this time was different. I started a new journey back in October when I began nights on CBS Radio’s 94.7 Fresh FM. The two-night Not So Silent Night concert was like my inaugural party. The incredibly positive feeling I got while being on stage with the other jocks, looking at thousands of our listeners smiling back at us confirmed that this was the best move for me and that my future is brighter than ever. I end this year so thankful for the new people I’ve met and experiences ahead of me.  You go to for behind the scenes interviews, pictures and backstage shenanigans. I hope your holiday celebrations are as fun as mine!

Fresh FM team with Third Eye Blind
Talking with singer, Jojo

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