2016 Life Lessons

celebrationoquoteThere are two nights left in 2016. At this point all the talk is about planning for the new year and getting rid of this seemingly “cursed,” year in politics and pop culture. I can agree this year was not my personal best and probably not the best for America either, but we still cannot throw away 2016 with tomorrow’s garbage. Before creating a bright future, we must first learn from our past.
I started off 2016 with a new job, a broken heart and no real direction or optimism for where I was going, what I wanted to accomplish or how I was going to move forward. Looking back, I stress the importance of properly preparing for a new year. Half way through 2016 I wanted it to end more than anything. I was so unhappy and had no real hope for the rest of the year. The I had a wake-up call. I realized the year changing doesn’t really change our situations. The big midnight countdown gives us a false restart, but in actuality all we are really changing is our calendars, planners and the last digit when we write the dates if we actually write the correct year for the first few months (why is it so hard to break that habit?)

Anyway, I realized I was waiting for a fictitious fresh start and that if I really was going to make some change to my life I had to do it ASAP. In the last quarter of the year I made a lifestyle upgrade quitting my job, forgiving those that hurt me, reconnecting with old friends and making some amazing new ones. I stopped making excuses and made plans instead. I may fall off track, but I’ll never end up completely lost again. In mid-October I signed the lease for my own apartment in the city and signed a contract with CBS Radio working a job I dreamed of. Daily prayer and meditation helped me live up to my full potential, not waiting for the year to change. If you follow me on social media I’m sure you’re aware of many more ups and downs I experienced this year, but all of it helped build character. I’m going into 2017 ready to win more, but never forgetting what 2016 brought my way good or bad.
If you’re still crying about Harambe, maybe do so some work for animal rights in his name. If the outcome of election upset you, instead of blaming 2016 or certain states, pick up a more active role in local politics or spreading knowledge. If you dread going in to work every day, develop your resume and explore your options. Think of all the time in 2016 we spent waiting for Frank Ocean’s album to drop.. we could’ve been checking out new R&B talent. Kill the waiting game and get your life together now. Also remember a bad start doesn’t always mean a bad ending. After all it is a blessing to even make it to 2017 so make the most of it and appreciate your 2016 journey. HAPPY NEW YEAR! @itsBrittWaters

Britt Waters CBS radio
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