Get in your Underwear and Get Inspired

Out of all the amazing moments and speeches from this year’s Grammys, I always think it’s the unexpected underdogs that give us something we can relate too and remember. This year it was pop duo, Twenty One Pilots who accepted their first Grammy in their underwear. Before the fame, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun along with some other friends watched the Grammys from home. “As we were watching we noticed that every single one of us was in our underwear,” Joseph said. “Josh turned to me, and he said, ‘If we ever win a Grammy we should receive it just like this.’” He ended the speech saying,“Anyone from anywhere can do anything, and this is that.” Then they picked up their pants off the stage and walked off to a great applause. They got the job done because I felt inspired enough to pull my own pants down in the studio with hopes of next year being at the Grammys. More importantly for the first time in a long time I feel excited about preparing for my next move and not intimidated. @itsBrittWaters


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