What I Learned From a Bunch of First Graders

I spent this morning with first graders and surprisingly I felt like I could actually relate to them more than some of my millennial friends. Let me explain… Today was the annual Read Across America Day, when schools all over the country celebrate reading by sharing a Dr. Seuss book on his birthday. I was at Daniel Payne Elementary School in DC reading the book, Fox in Socks. All the rhyming in the book made me feel like a rapper. Dr. Seuss and all his rhythms is probably the greatest rapper of all time, forget Biggie and Tupac.

The first graders at Payne Elementary were so excited about reading, asking if they could read the next page to show off their skills. This all made me think about how amazing it is to see these little kids excited and proud of something that some adults take for granted. Seems like leisure reading has been replaced with watching YouTube videos or scrolling through social media. The kids and I shared a thrill for fiction books that most of my friends don’t have. I’m currently reading Difficult Women by Roxane Gay which is pretty different from Fox in Socks, but I’m sure you get the point. If I was famous and could make something trend on Read Across America it would be for adults to #BringBackLeisureReading.


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