Vlog: Behind The Scenes at the Capitol Gala DC

There’s truly never a dull moment living in the nation’s capitol and working in the entertainment industry. Every day of the week there’s a day party, happy hour, club night or some event where you go to let loose, but end up bothered with people smoking in your face, a fight breaking out or the lights coming on before you’re ready leave. Imagine a night without that nonsense with two floors full of like minded peers dressed their best, premium open bar, delicious food, for five hours… it actually exists. The first annual Capitol Gala presented by Washington Professionals was just that. The gala brought people together from DC, Maryland and Virginia to simply mingle and have a good time. I party in the district multiple times a week and can definitely say the crowd at the gala, aside from a few familiar faces, was different the the typical club goers. Organizations involved include, The Robert T. Freeman Dental Society, The Washington Bar Association YLD, The Young Physician Committee of the National Medical Association and the National Society of Black Engineers.

galaselfieAs you may guess, the conversations went deeper than what’s your name, what’s your sign etc. while still being a light enough atmosphere to twerk, chat and do what ever you like. The music was great on both floors, open bars ran smoothly and the food was being restocked even after 1am. Plus the venue and decor was an Instagrammer’s dream. Some cons of the night, I felt like it lacked an entertainment component aside from the DJ’s, maybe a performer, a 360 photo booth with props, or even a cartoonist; one of the typical gala gimmicks would have been nice. Also as a single lady I noticed the ratio was a little off. There was definitely a lot more women in the building than men. The beautiful venue, the Organization of American States building had its various issues as well, like women in six inch heels walking up and down stairs, and being a pain for those trying to get in with day-of tickets. Overall, I’ve been to many galas this year and for this to be the first of it’s kind I was impressed to share the experience with my listeners and you all. I’m extremely proud of the organizers and I’m curious about what they’re up to next. Search the hashtag #capitolgala for more and let me know  on social media what you think @ItsBrittWaters I’m off for a much needed pedicure after a weekend walking in shoes that were made for sitting. Lades, you know what I mean.

Britt Waters capitol Gala

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