Sharing Knowledge One Commencement Speech at a Time

Years ago I told a friend, “I’ll know I’ve made it in my career when our Alma mater asks me to come back and deliver the commencement speech.” Hopefully speaking at middle school and high school graduations will put me on the right track.

In a room full of students eager for both summer and the next chapter of their lives, I was able to hold their attention with three themes: Be Present, Believe and Be You.

I haven’t been out of high school too long, but I’ve definitely learned a lot since giving a speech in front of my own high school class back in 2009. I was honored for the opportunity to offer some life lessons, bad jokes and success stories to the next generation at Friendship Public Charter School’s 8th grade promotion. After all, Knowledge is not all the powerful unless you share it.

I hope you feel inspired.  Thanks for watching and supporting.


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