Dear Hip-Hop On Your Birthday…

Dear Hip-Hop,
Happy Birthday! You are 44 today. Despite our age difference, I still feel so close to you. I remember meeting you somewhere in the mix with my SWV and Britney Spears cassette tapes. My life hasn’t been the same since. You’ve taught me so many things. Many well before I really should have learned about or understood them. You created comfort in the confusing world of music. You created a friend that never failed and a space that was limitless. You were there every time I needed you to help me through tough times and help me celebrate great times and motivate me to keep going.  Some people said we were just a phase. Some say we are an odd pair. The truth is, you have provided a culture that I could thrive in from the day we met and now in my adult years.  Hip-Hop, as you evolve I’ll be evolving with you. Forever my first (maybe second actually) love.

To many more years together,



Here’s a video of me celebrating to one of our good ol favorites.

img radio selfie

Britt Waters

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