Radioversary – My Anniversary at CBS Radio.

One year ago, I joined the CBS Radio family as the night jock on DC’s 94.7 Fresh FM. After years in urban radio, I was anxious to test my versatility, challenge myself and tap into a side of me I have always wanted to show. The Britt that dances to Britney Spears in shower, loves when Usher goes pop, knows an excessive amount of pop culture and has had a secret crush on FOB’s Pete Wentz since middle school has be outed. The Hip-Hop head in me had been living her dreams, but I always knew there was more success just outside my comfort zone. I cannot express how thankful I am that my boss trusted me with the platform that I had been praying for.
New opportunities, experiences and people have not only made me a stronger broadcaster, but a better woman all around. As I continue this journey with my Fresh Family I wanted to thank all of my supporters. It is crazy how strangers can motivate and encourage me without even realizing it. Keep the kind words, calls, comments, hugs, high-fives, selfies and follows coming! I’ll promise to never take my blessings for granted.

Britt Waters

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