Testimony Tuesday: Put Others On

I am setting out to share a testimony every Tuesday because we all need a little more uplifting in our lives. Today on the seventh anniversary of the song I used Kanye West’s “Monster” to show why you should “Put people on” so God can put you on.

Kanye West took a risk putting Jay-z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj of his song, Monster. These artists could have taken attention away from the release of his upcoming album at the time. Regardless he took a chance and the song blew up and became iconic verses for all artists involved. Adele famously rapped the words to Nicki’s verse in her Carpool Karaoke episode years later.

Mr. West received that blessing back as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy became one of his most successful albums. Seven years later Nicki thanked him publicly as well as those who mentioned her name to him and even played her stunt double in the video.

The lesson is put other people on, give opportunities and God will make them come back to you. When it comes to being successful it is not a race to the finish-line, so help others along the way.

Watch the video for more details and share your testimonies with me on social media at @itsBrittWaters

When it comes to success, it’s not a race to the finish line so help others along the way.

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