Vlog: Hosting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Citizens Awards 2017

Typically, I spend my weeknights in the studio hosting my radio show talking about Taylor Swift. Last night I was speaking in front of a room full of CEO’s. I had the privilege of being the emcee for the 18th Annual US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Corporate Citizens Awards. The foundation honored businesses that are making positive impacts in their communities. Winners excelled in things like disaster relief, economic empowerment, health, education and many more great services.

Past emcees include Soledad O’Brien, Nina Easton, Daymond John and others so I’m in good company. I shared some personal stories garnering a few laughs. Honestly, this is not my best vlog because I was working, but I wanted to give you all a behind-the-scenes look. I am so blessed for these opportunities and appreciative of all of those following on this journey with me.



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