Vlog: The Capitol Gala 2018, If You Have No Rhythm Stay Home

Watch for a minute of my night at the Second Annual Capitol Gala

Working in entertainment, people constantly ask me where is the best place in DC for young professionals to get together and have a good time outside of work, bars, clubs and boozy brunches. For the second year, IMG and Capitol Professionals provided just that, asking minority professional associations to dress their best and crowd the OAS Pan American ballrooms to enjoy themselves. I attended and here’s the tea

For about one hundred dollars, you get five hours of top shelf open bar, two floors to party and finger foods that seemed endless. Everyone was trying to get their money’s worth out of those drinks because the bar lines were quite long upstairs. If you and your shoes could make it downstairs those bars were the best bet. There was also a super cute photo booth with props to capture the moment so you didn’t have to bother taking selfies. A red carpet and a Capitol Gala backdrop was provided as well, but every time I went over there the camera operator at that station seemed MIA. That probably would have been fine if there was a light set up.                                                                                                There was more of a diverse crowd this year, which I appreciated. If you were debating about whether to take a date, a wingman or a bestie, all options would have worked. I’d suggest bringing bae because it was a perfect setting for an elegant date night. Many events sell too many tickets and end with overcrowded hot spaces. That was not the case here. The Capitol Gala was sold out and still had room to mix and mingle comfortably.

IMG_8997                Some people like galas just to have an excuse to dress fancy, stand around and take pictures. If that is your only intention, be ready to switch it up at the Capitol Gala. Both floors were full of people having a good time celebrating life. In fact, halfway through the night the ballroom DJ was playing cookout music and had everyone stepping in the name of love to some R. Kelly, proving you don’t have to twerk to have a good time if you don’t want to. The pressure was off and everyone was dancing as if no one was watching.                           It was nice to have fellowship away from the DC clubs that tend to have intimidating VIP sections, weed smoke in the air, sweaty people stepping on your good shoes and nothing to munch on.                                               
 I spoke with a few attendees via social media and aside from the long waits at the bar all agreed what a great feeling it was to be among people looking confident and stress free. If you missed the gala, congratulations you played yourself. Check out the hashtag #CapitolGala for more highlights and follow me on social media @itsBrittWaters I’ll make sure you don’t miss what’s happening next.


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