Candid with the Councilmembers… New Show: Off The Dais

Living in the nation’s capital, I realize powerful politicians often surround me, but I have no idea what they do. Sure we read headlines when laws are passed, controversy occurs or when problems are fixed. I know I am not the only who wonders what happens outside the Wilson building when the council members of DC are in their Wards dealing with day-to-day challenges and accomplishments. I partnered with the Office of Cable Television to spend a day with each council member in a new show, Off The Dais. I am up to my typical nosy questions about everything from the tough parts of their job, to their dating life.

Check out more episodes on my Off The Dais page. Let me know on social media @itsBrittWaters who I should interview next.

Britt Waters with CM Elissa Silverman
Britt Waters with CM Charles Allen
Britt Waters with CM Trayon White

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