We are the Champions: Hosting Arena Bowl XXXI

Britt Waters with AFL Owner, Ted Leonsis.

I remember hosting my first ever Arena Football League game. It was the Washington Valor vs the Baltimore Brigade in their organizations’ first game ever. I never would have guessed I would be hosting for these exact same teams in Arena Bowl XXXI less than two years later.

Monumental Sports hosts, Sandra Draganoiu, Britt Waters and Wes Hall

Considered the underdogs, the Valor went 2-10 in the regular season. Leaving me exhausted at urging Valor Nation to keep attending, keep the energy and keep believing. Fortunately, a four-tam structure in the AFL and a mid-season coaching change allowed a miracle to take place.

I could not be more proud to entertain such spirited fans and be a part of an organization with hard-working players and an incredibly supportive staff. It is an honor to display my talent on the big stage and continue to do what I love. This season taught me that when the going gets tough, do not give up, but get ready.

Arena Bowl XXXI is a moment I will never forget



More photos and video on my instagram.

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