Goodnight and Goodbye 94.7 Fresh FM

IMG_8282This week I broadcasted was my last show on Entercom’s 94.7 Fresh FM. Growing in this industry I have always wanted to be independent, creative and mainstream. Fresh FM gave me the platform to be all these things and more. My program director, Steve Davis took a chance on me, the girl that did years of mornings on a hip-hop station telling him she wanted to now spend her nights playing Justin Bieber’s music, talking to soccer moms and even learning how to  line dance while hosting a country concert. Fresh Fm was a Fresh start for me to challenge myself, grow and flourish in the industry I’ve been grooming myself for my entire life.

Fresh FM
Fresh FM jocks: Britt Waters, Dana McKay, Tommy McFly, Kelly Collis, Darik Kristofer, Taylor Shay, Jen Richer

As the station changes formats and assembles an all new staff, I wish nothing but blessings for everyone I worked with. I am patient in making sure my next move is onward and upward to the great things I know God has for me. Thanks for all your support as I continue this journey now with a FRESH perspective. In the meantime follow me on social media @itsBrittWaters


  1. Britt,

    So very sorry about the closing down of Fresh FM. Enjoyed your company driving home in the evening with the seven at seven, and later on the radio in the kitchen finishing up after dinner.

    The station had a nice sound and format.
    The new format-I don’t know. I’m older but l like the new music (big Charlie Puth fan)and the new format with 80s and 90s stuff-some of that already has been played too many times on the radio-not likely l want to hear it again!!

    All the best to you.

    Look forward to seeing/hearing you at your next gig.

    You’re super!

    Best wishes,

    Patrick Glick
    Fort Washington, Maryland

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