Goodnight and Goodbye 94.7 Fresh FM

IMG_8282This week I broadcasted was my last show on Entercom’s 94.7 Fresh FM. Growing in this industry I have always wanted to be independent, creative and mainstream. Fresh FM gave me the platform to be all these things and more. My program director, Steve Davis took a chance on me, the girl that did years of mornings on a hip-hop station telling him she wanted to now spend her nights playing Justin Bieber’s music, talking to soccer moms and even learning how to  line dance while hosting a country concert. Fresh Fm was a Fresh start for me to challenge myself, grow and flourish in the industry I’ve been grooming myself for my entire life.

Fresh FM
Fresh FM jocks: Britt Waters, Dana McKay, Tommy McFly, Kelly Collis, Darik Kristofer, Taylor Shay, Jen Richer

As the station changes formats and assembles an all new staff, I wish nothing but blessings for everyone I worked with. I am patient in making sure my next move is onward and upward to the great things I know God has for me. Thanks for all your support as I continue this journey now with a FRESH perspective. In the meantime follow me on social media @itsBrittWaters

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