Thank You, Next 2018

img_6435Last year pop star Ariana Grande had catchy smash hit, Thank You Next. The song is about all her exes, the lessons those relationships taught her and how she is finally confident on her own. I related to it by replacing the exes with my mixed feelings about 2018. The year that taught me love, patience and strength. It was filled with ups and downs. The first ever Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade is still the best day of my life. Ever. (Sorry graduation) Also, this year my stressful, but ridiculously rewarding career mixed with the dramatic ups and downs of mastering adulthood in my twenties, has made my skin thicker than ever and my gray hairs now conversation starters.

The year was not carefree, but it has taught me that true happiness and success is found outside the safe zone. I began to prioritize my time and energy, value my family, be vocal about my feelings, be patient and consistent with my goals and above all have unwavering gratitude when it comes to my blessings from God. So thank you for reading this, supporting me and following my journey. The kind and sometimes harsh words of people I may not even know actually keeps me going. I’ll continue my goal: to inspire and entertain people before robots kill us all.

Thank you Next



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