My Cameo on The Tamron Hall Show


My Appearance on The Tamron Hall Show! My best friend joined be on a trip to the big apple for one of the first few  tapings of the Tamron Hall Show. If you know me you know Tam has been my inspiration in the broadcast world for years. I’ve followed her amazing journey and am mentored by her close friend and colleage. After her departure from the Today Show, I prayed for her next opportunity. I was honestly emotional upon the announcement of The Tamron Hall Show and even more elated to see her an action and be interviewed by her about a fun topic as part of the Tam Fam.

It’s an unforgettable moment  and I wish her nothing but the best as she make history. Check out my clip below. I encourage you to tune in as Tamron has created a much needed platform for true journalism and relatable lifestyle content in daytime television. I plan to follow her blueprint of always staying true to your beliefs and sharing compelling stories to entertain and change the masses.

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Britt waters with tamron Hall
Britt Waters with Tamron Hall

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