Visiting The Tamron Hall Show

A6068B45-018D-48CC-A76A-2C62B060A2D3.JPGI have learned so much from the world of broadcasting. Despite all your mentors, teachers and inspirations, the true key to success on-air is being yourself. Before learning this, I always wanted to be exactly like Tamron Hall. Years later after working with one of her close friends and developing my own brand, I still see her as the standard. I remember praying that she would get her well deserved opportunity at her own talk show. So when it all became real my best friend and I jumped at the first opportunity to attend a taping and support The Tamron Hall Show.ย I encourage you to tune in as Tamron has createdย a much needed platform for true journalism and relatable lifestyle content in daytime television. I plan to follow her blueprint of always staying true to your beliefs and sharing compelling stories to entertain and change the masses.

Britt waters with tamron Hall
Britt Waters with Tamron Hall

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