NEW SHOW! Going from In-Game Host to on TV At-Home Host as the NBA Returns

NBA game days aren’t what they used to be five months ago, but neither is the world. In the midst of surviving a double pandemic this may seem shallow, but life without traditional sports as an escape was rough. I’m so excited the NBA is back in action. My job as the in-game host for the Washington Wizards has evolved and I will continue to get fans hype from home with our new show, Wizards Virtual Game Day!

“Fans will be able to tune in to the pregame show​ at noon each game day that will be featured on the Wizards Twitter and Facebook as well as Monumental Sports Network. Hosted by Monumental Sports Dan Nolan and in-arena host Britt Waters, the show will preview the games and will feature team personalities, sponsored contests and content that is sure to keep fans entertained and informed. 

The show, shot entirely on virtual sets and featuring Wizards branded animation and graphics, will be the perfect pregame complement to watching the NBC Sports Washington coverage of that day’s Wizards games.”  _ from Wizards Press Release

IMG_7416I hope you tune in and get back to something familiar from better times. Stayed tuned to my social media channels for behind-the-scenes looks and to see things from my point of view. I can’t wait to reconnect, entertain, and start a new journey blessed to doing what I love.

As Fergie hilariously and embarrassingly said, “Let’s play some basketball!”

Watch full episodes on my Wiz Game Day page after they air.

Follow me at @itsBrittWaters on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube


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