Introducing My Wrestling Opinion IGTV Show

Friends, family, coworkers, even strangers are aware of my not-so-secret passion for pro-wrestling. I wear wrestling tees almost daily because I hate doing laundry and I love sparking conversation. I started washing more loads and created an outlet for my celebrations and critiques of everything pro-wrestling. 

Pre-pandemic I was “The girl that interviewed people outside shows.” I traveled to shows all over and made my DSLR tolerate the rain sometimes to capture spirited conversation with fellow fans. When the live shows stopped due to the Covid pandemic, I started my own show, My Wrestling Opinion. Every week on Instagram TV I gave my thoughts on the stand out moments, rumors, and matchups in pro- wrestling from major promotions like WWE and AEW to the indies and twitter rumors. Every pay-per-view day I went LIVE and was joined by fellow fans, wrestlers, and content creators around the world who shared their opinion.

This was joy to create in 2020, a time when sports entertainment was an escape from the harsh realities of the year. Big thanks to all who joined this past year. I’m excited to return with new episodes for season 2 in a bigger and better way in 2021. Tune in for laughs and tell a wrestling fan!

Check out some past episodes below, see the rest be sure to follow @itsBrittWaters

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